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Oct 15, 2019

With Bill taking the week off Ken is forced to fly solo this week in a raw/unedited episode.  Two new correspondents covering JJP and Stern Pinball are introduced.  Online connectivity ideas as well as new pinball content reactions.  Drain It or Save It, Pinball Expo content, and more on episode 74 of SWL!


Oct 9, 2019

More pinball continues to pour out of Stern Pinball, Wonka gets a significant update, and Franchi walks towards a new horizon.  Is it better to advance through a game or blow up the score?  Why has Bill NEVER scene any of the Star Wars movies?  Our heads are spinning over here at SWL!

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Oct 3, 2019

As pinball enthusiasts and / or collectors do we prefer quality over quantity?  Elvira LEs are shipping!  Is it a good idea to acquire multiple pins at the same time?  Follow up on our 24 hour charity stream (as discussed last week), Drain It or Save It, and MUCH MORE on Episode 72 (take two) of SWL!

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